The Embroidery Studio

We embroider everything in house...we do not subcontract out to a third party...meaning you
can get everything in one place and at the quality you have grown to expect from EKD. We run Melco Amaya XTS -16 color commercial grade emboidery machines and can embroider on just about anything you can think of, safe bet is if a needle can go through it we can embroider on it.

Great embroidery starts with properly digitized files. If you are coming to us because your disappointed in the quality of embroidery you are getting from another company then 10 to 1 the digitized file you have won't be any good to us and it would be best to start from scratch.

We Offer Standard Embroidery, Puff Embroidery, Appliqué, Patches, and More!

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Heat Press Room Heat Press
Generally a great option for small quantity orders to avoid the setup involved in screen printing so long as the design being heat pressed isn't too complex in design and/or colors.

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Screen Print Warehouse Screen Printing
If your ordering 24 or more of the same shirt design this is the way to go. We can handle your screen print order from concept, to design, to print!

Need some screen printed shirts for your company? How about that show you are having? Maybe you are looking to start a new apparel company...well we can definitely help you out. Average turnaround is 5-10 Business Days once we are given the ok to start screen printing.

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